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Criteria to Become MSQH Surveyor

Please note the selection criteria for MSQH Surveyor as follow:

a) Prospective surveyors are expected to be currently employed in one of the following positions (however titled) in a facility with more than 50 beds (Public or private sector) and to have been employed in any one of this position as below:
  • Medical Director/CEO (medical doctor)
  • Consultants/Senior Clinicians
  • Director of Nursing
  • Hospital Engineer/ Engineer (experience in managing hospital facilities)
b) With 3 previous years in senior management/clinical position

c) 10-15 years working experience

d) Knowledge on healthcare system, Contemporary Clinical Practices, Management Strategies and Quality & Safety in Healthcare

e) Contemporary Clinical Practice, Management Strategies and Quality & Safety in Healthcare

f) Good interpersonal and Communication Skills

g) Commitment to the Healthcare Facilities & Services Accreditation Programme

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